Welcome to the Interesting Events website.  Firstly, let me thank everyone who has been using the site since I first launched it in 2008.  It really doesn’t seem that long ago!  The site has evolved a few times over the years but the current incarnation is a complete re-write of the earlier offerings.  I know that some people have struggled with the new format but I hope the vast majority will agree that this site makes finding what you are interested in easier than ever.  The site will automatically delete all completed events so you will always see the current events listed on the first page.

We regularly have over 1500 visits every month and I am proactively looking for new events to list. If you know of an event or are an event organiser do let me know – listing is still free to all!

I really hope that you take a good look at the site and enjoy the experience of using it.  The site is designed to be tablet and mobile phone friendly, giving you a much better experience when on the move.  There is an excellent filter system built-in. Just click on Calendar and then select which category you want to search.  You can choose to search for more than one category at a time, for example Jumble Sales and Book Sales.  If you click on the cross on the green Categories button you return to a listing of all events.  You can also filter your search results by clicking on the Tags button where you can select by county.  So if you want to search for Car Boot Sales in Surrey choose Car Boot Sale from the Categories button and then Surrey from the Tags button.  Again you can revert to a full results list by clicking on the crosses on the green buttons.

There is also a Search facility so if you are looking for a particular event you can use this option to search the whole site.

Click on the event heading and then Read More to see full details including contact information, including phone numbers, email and website links, and a map of the venue.

You now have the option to add your own listings to the site.  Simply click on the button above and enter the details of your event.  Once submitted it will be reviewed and then posted to the site.  If your event is a regular event or repeated throughout the year please contact me and I will arrange for it to be repeated on the relevant dates.  Hopefully, this will encourage far more event organisers to use the site and expand the number of events listed, which I believe will be of benefit to all.

I appreciate that people in general do like change but this new site will bring Interesting Events bang up to date, allow it to continue to prosper and provide the best and most up to date information for the benefit of everyone.

Thank you for your support over the years,


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  1. I’m sorry to say that I do not like the ‘new-look’ web site. It is much more difficult to read with the small grey text compared with the large, black lettering of the old format In fact I can hardly see what I’m typing here as the text is so pale.

    I also miss the colour coding down the side of the old version which allowed different types of event to be easily identified. Now I have to decide first what type of event I want to see and select if from the categories list.

    This seems an example of the old saying: “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

    • I’m sorry to hear that do not like the new site but I suppose you “can’t please all of the people all of the time”! The overwhelming response has been positive. I spoke to lots of people yesterday at the Cats Protection bazaar and almost all found the new design an improvement.

      I’m afraid that the old site was “broken”. It took a HUGE amount of time and effort to keep it up to date. Every listing had to be, at least, copy and pasted or typed from scratch. Regular events now auto-repeat. The new site works much better on phones and tablets which is the way people are increasingly accessing websites. I agree that the colour coding was really useful and if there were a cost-effective way of incorporating that into the new site I would so, but it would cost around £1,000 per year to buy the upgraded software package!

      I hope you persevere with the site and get used to it over time. It really was the only option – to change.


      • What I should have mentioned was that you can filter by more than one category. So if you are interested in Jumble Sales, Book Sales, Car Boot Sales and Markets you can select all four categories to view results, filtering out all other event types. You can also use the Tag options to select which county you want to search by.


  2. I’ve been told on good authority that the weekly Oxted Community market on Mondays stopped running nearly a year ago. I was a regular visitor to see the silversmith Little Anvil, but he has informed me that this event has now ceased to take place. I have not “doubled-checked” myself, but if this is the case, maybe you can remove this event from the calendar.

  3. Hi there Paul,
    I like the new format, well laid out and very professional!
    If others, like me, find the wording on the computer to small to read, you can always
    enlarge the wording to the boldness that suits you personally. I makes a great difference.
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Stella, I think you need to click on Calendar and then filter the results by using the Categories button to select Car Boot Sales. You can further filter by county using the Tag button.

  4. Im looking for a car boot or indoor sales place to sell hand made cards and crafting bits and bobs ,as I want to down size my stock including stamps, dies, large, and small plus an electric cutting machine with plates (cut n boss).Before Christmas.Can you help please

    • Hi Pamela, I would suggest that you contact one of the craft fairs listed and see whether they think your stall would be a good fit. You might sell to other stallholders and often people attending these fairs are crafters themselves (I know my wife is!). There was a craft jumble sale a while back. I’ll try to contact the organiser to see if they have plans for any more.

  5. Hi I have been unable to post my Scout Group Antiques and Collectables Sale as we dont have a URL website. Can you help. Its for the 20th April so its urgent. Thanks you

  6. hi
    hate new presentation
    love old one with its colours for events
    it was easy to use
    it was simple
    it anwered the question asked
    it did not try to be clever
    etc etc
    new is not always better
    quite often worse

    • Hi Peter, I’m sorry that you do not like the “new” site. The overwhelming majority of people that I have spoken to at events have found it much easier to use and I have received generally good reports. The old site was no longer fit for purpose. It did not work well on mobile phones and was very cumbersome to maintain. It really was a choice of change it or dump it. Having run the site for 10 years it was proving far too time consuming to keep up to date. The new site is far easier for me to maintain and organiser’s can even add their own details for listing.

      Maybe you are not using the Category filters at the top of the listings. You can select which type of events you are interested in by using Categories – for example Jumble Sales, Car Boot Sales and Table Top Sales Or Antique Markets and Vintage Markets. You can further choose which area (county or counties) you want to search by using the Tags. The event types are still colour coded on the Categories list.

      I have to be philosophical and accept that “you can’t please all of the people all of the time”!


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